Hi, my name is Kukka and I'm a jewellery and objects designer from Kuru, Finland. In these pages you can find some works I've done since 2005.
You can also check my webshop though it's currently only in Finnish and for people who live in Finland.

Contact information: contact (at)

People involved with the pictures seen in these pages:
Jewellery and objects, designing and manufacturing by Kukka Rantanen
Pics: Kukka Rantanen, Jasmin Rauha, Jussi Särkilahti, Viivi Huuska
Clothes: Mariisa Iivari
Make-up: Aino Haakana, Laura Huttunen
Models: Sani, Sandra, Miranda, Laura L., Rain, Eero

Feel free to ask if you want more info about a specific picture or design! And please do not use the pictures without my permission!